Mobile Tablet-Based CRM to Support Workers in the Fields
With this online and offline mobile tablet solution, your sales representatives can easily issue orders and monitor goods delivery while at the customer’s premises. Using their tablets, they can easily access product information and important customer data such as order history, invoicing, and payment history details.
Mobile Application for Easy On-Premises Navigation and Internal Business Communication
Mobile applications provide maximum support to employees for navigating your premises, internal business communication, and targeted sharing of important information from various departments of Vodafone.
Mobile Support for Shopping Fever Marketing and Sales Campaigns
Shopping Fever is a spring weekend full of discounts and promotions. To provide users with the exact information on what is taking place and when, iOS and Android mobile applications are available for free download in their corresponding stores. With the mobile app, all the special discounts and customer benefits offered by hundreds of stores and shopping malls all over the Czech Republic can be seen in one place.
Design, Concept, and Strategy of the ČEZ ON-LINE Mobile App for Administration of Services Recieved from ČEZ
With the ČEZ ON-LINE mobile application, users can easily manage their customer accounts from their smart phones. They have information on all delivery points, current products and services, consumption of and payments for energy and mobile services, and their current status. Also, they may access all contacts, information on special offers, and navigate the Customer Centre.