About Us
Unicorn Systems’ professional mobility team has more than thirteen years experience in the implementation of mobile services and applications. Our applications for corporate customers have been downloaded more than a million times.  
Why Mobile Services with Unicorn Systems?
  • We deliver mobile solutions meeting the needs of our clients while meeting the agreed budget, deadlines, and quality commitments.
  • Our know-how covers mobile services and applications, both in terms of concepts and strategies, and in terms of ICT technology and application development.
  • We put great emphasis on user friendly UI and logical control of mobile services.
  • We provide fresh insights to help our clients develop innovative mobile service solutions.
  • We offer a set of typified solutions for entry into the world of mobile technologies.
  • We can draw on extensive experience from successful mobile service projects implemented throughout Europe.
Mobile applications are natural extensions of current Internet and intranet services provided by various companies. While existing technologies can be used to implement new mobile services, the world of mobile applications is so dynamic that successfully mastering design, development, and implementation of mobile applications within your existing company infrastructure and environment requires long-term experience and dedicated expert teams. 
Unicorn Systems’ team of professionals is available to our clients, whether they need specialized consulting for the analytical phase, or designs and concepts, or even an entire turn-key mobile service solution. 
We are fully aware that to master mobile technologies you need to do more than just build a fancy mobile application. There are numerous decisions to be made concerning the primary purpose, proper architecture, and user interface and last, but not least, the smooth integration of the service to your internal infrastructure and business processes. We have a deep knowledge of mobile applications and extraordinary experience in implementations for various industries, from energy and finance to media, manufacturing, and more. We can see the implementation of your mobile strategy in a wider context and functionally connect your business to the newly emerging domain of mobile services. We put great emphasis on innovation and positive user experience. We design services to be intuitive, popular, and easy to control.
Where can you find us?
Unicorn Systems a.s.
Executive Briefing Centre - Classic 7
Jankovcova 1037/49
170 00 Prague 7
Czech Republic
Tel.: (+420) 221 400 111
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