Business Application Administration and „Bring Your Own Device“
Entry into the world of mobile services does not end with delivery of a mobile application. After the application is released to the market, the service requires continuous, professional care. Unicorn Systems employs a number of specialists who can advise you on how to properly administer mobile solutions and how to ensure their maximum security.
Administration and Security of Mobile Solutions
  • Security audit of your company
  • Development and enforcement of security policies on mobile devices
  • Audit of existing mobile applications and service concepts
Releasing Mobile Applications to Application Markets
  • Comprehensive administration of applications in application markets (Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Marketplace, etc.)
  • Building and administration of your own application market
Logistics and Administration of Mobile Terminals
  • Pre-installation and mass installation of applications to smart phones and tablets
  • Providing e-learning and online training tools for education on the use of mobile services both within and outside your company
We can develop and enforce comprehensive security policies for mobile devices using proven practices:
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM)
  • Mobile Information Management (MIM)
Unicorn Systems will also provide a program of regular mobile application updates and their distribution via public application markets or in-house platforms. With additional tools, you will be able to administrer company mobile devices using remote access, significantly improving complex security of mobile application usage, particularly among employees taking advantage of your BYOD policy or among your business partners.
Administration, Distribution, and Management of In-House Applications on the IBM Mobile First Platform
  • Analysis and design of a platform for mobile application administration and development management
  • Implementation of the IBM Mobile First platform covering the full cycle
  • Design, implementation, testing, monitoring, distribution, and operation of mobile applications
  • MDM and MAM
Implementation of Management and Security Policies for Mobile Devices in Your Company as well as Targeted Information and Document Sharing
  • Analysis and design of a platform for mobile application administration and development management
  • Implementation of the MDM and MAM platform, Symantec Mobility Suite, for management of internal company security and mobile device management
  • Policy set-up for defined user groups
  • Implementation of your mobile application portal and policy for product information and internal information sharing using mobile devices