Design of Mobile Solutions and Services
Our professional teams analyse your mobile services and solutions, as well as those of your competitors. Having identified strengths and weaknesses, we find opportunities for successful entry into your target market. Based on your strategic goals, we design the necessary mobile application architecture and a high-quality, efficient user interface, including a full mobile service user experience.
Analysis of Mobile Services and Solutions
  • Markets and target groups analysis to design appropriate mobile services
  • Mobile application architecture
  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UX)
Design of Mobile Services and Applications
  • Architecture and layout of mobile application pages
  • Modern and functional user interface graphics design
  • Technology and production platforms for implementation of mobile services and applications
User Testing and User Experience Testing of Mobile Services
  • Implementation of mobile application prototypes
  • Implementation of mobile application mock-ups
  • Pilot testing of mobile applications and services
  • User testing (focus groups, eye camera, etc.) and evaluation of results
Conceptual Design of Service for "Proč NE?!" Tablet-Based Magazine
The tablet-based version of Proč NE?!  a lifestyle magazine featuring interviews with intriguing and unusual personalities of Czech and international art and business. 
  • Analysis and definition of product-oriented business objectives for entry into the world of mobile services
  • Analysis and definition of target user group
  • Creative design of mobile service user interface
Mock-up of Insurance Product Comparison Tool for Tablets
An application modelling possible insurance options, to facilitate and control the process of offering insurance products to the customer.
  • Analysis and definition of product-oriented business objectives of mobile application
  • Definition of target user group
  • Creative design of user interface
  • Design of mobile application UI
  • Development and implementation of mobile application mock-up for user testing