Mobile Services Strategy
To successfully penetrate the world of mobile technology, you need to understand this field as a whole. We help our clients take advantage of the business opportunity mobile technologies offer. Together, we will draft a comprehensive entry strategy for the mobile environment, build the company mobility strategy, and develop the architecture and functionality designs for target mobile applications.
Entry Strategy for Mobile Environment
  • Target market penetration
  • Corporate mobile applications design
  • Choice of mobile technologies and platforms
Analysis of Mobile Services and Solutions
  • Markets and target groups for mobile services
  • Mobile application architecture
  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UX)
Design of Mobile Services and Applications
  • Architecture and layout of mobile application pages
  • Modern and functional user interface graphics design
  • Testing of mobile services user interface and user experience
Mobile Community Service
Motomail is a tool that uses a website or smartphone for mutual communication among drivers.
  • Analysis and definition of product-oriented business objectives for entry into the world of mobile services
  • Creative design of web service user interface
  • Development and implementation of mobile services
  • Operation and maintenance of mobile technologies and applications
  • Upgrading user features and the mobile service based on the customer’s requirements
Strategy and Design of a Comprehensive Solution Providing Care for End Customers Though a Mobile Self-Care Application
  • Analysis of the market and key target group attributes, definition of mobile strategy
  • Creating full functional and technological specifications of mobile apps
  • Conceptions of the mobile app architecture and user interface
  • Project workshops with the client’s key managers
  • GAP analysis and development of technological variants of services provided
  • User testing and output analysis
  • Professional supervision over execution and implementation of native Android and iOS mobile applications