Typified Solutions for Mobile Applications
Typified applications are mobile services whose development is based on existing technological components and procedures. The benefit of typified solutions is a fully tested application model with proven functionality, for which both administration and future upgrades are provided with unrivalled speed of implementation and deployment of the entire repurposed solution. Ultimately, the complexity of such a solution brings significant savings in mobile service execution.
We Have Prepared the Following Typified Solutions to Appeal to End Customers of Mobile Applications:
  • Mobile information portal and on-premises navigation
  • Sales and partner networks locator with map view
  • Public points of interest locator with map view
  • Booking system for selection of service dates, visit dates, and service establishments
  • Executive reporting on performance parameters of your company or tablet operation
  • Administration of internal agendas and processes
  • Mobile CRM for field workers, including possible biometric signature
Mobile Application for Easy On-Premises Navigation and Internal Business Communication
Mobile applications provide maximum support to employees for navigating your premises, internal business communication, and targeted sharing of important information from various departments of Vodafone.
Mobile Tablet-Based CRM to Support Workers in the Fields
With this online and offline mobile tablet solution, your sales representatives can easily issue orders and monitor goods delivery while at the customer’s premises. Using their tablets, they can easily access product information and important customer data such as order history, invoicing, and payment history details.